1perrytheplatypus, often referred to as simply Perry, is an amateur roleplayer on the Roblox Role-Play Forums. [PAGE NOT FINISHED, FEEL FREE TO ADD STUFF]


Biography Edit

2010-2012: The God-Awful State Edit

At this point in his roleplaying career, the most roleplay he had ever done was on World of Warcraft, and that wasn't even really roleplay, just running around and attempting to be half intelligent. Having no grammar and actually having problems spelling the most simple of words, Perry was even worse than the worse. By the 2011-2012, late stages of the God-Awful time period, he discovered the Role-Play Forums. However, he was often ignored due to his not very good skills.

2013-2014: The Improving State Edit

During this state, he joined Galactic Conquest by ConMan35, a huge series and precursor to Galactic Empires. Perry also joined innumerable other lesser RPs, but he simply cannot remember all of them. During his time with ConMan, his roleplaying skills increased exponentially, and with the help of a Robloxian named Lucio, gained grammical skills. This also boosted his interest for writing, which is why he is still here today.