Fuck me with a pitchfork, another OOC post is on it's way!

"I am a guy who is a person on the internet, idiots get mad when I say nigger." -Bebi

"Fucking hell there's so many black people here" -Bebi

"Go suck your daddie's spic dick, birmy boy" -Bebi

"Hot shit, a jew lynching!" -Bebi

"I've been banned from 18 burger kings across the nation" -Bebi

Friends Edit




The cops who shoot black people,

Santa Clause

The ghost of Adam Lanza.

Enemies or People he Hates Edit




His Dad

The entire cast of the 1997 film Titanic

Jeff Mangum

Tyler Durden.

The state of California

Timeline Edit

Early Years Edit

He was born in a hospital in Carson City, Nevada. That's when he knew that life was fucked.

Zoom ahead a few years and you get a shitty little shit.

Then he realized sometimes shit aint good.

Then he became bitter.

And here we are.

he fucking hates this wiki because it just has everyone stroking their fucking egos saying how good they fucking are.

And now we come to the good part Edit

He fucks dolphins in his spare time, loves the work of Adolf Hitler and Moonman, is the next grand dragon of the KKK, and waits for his dad to return to him so he can beat him to death with a large branch.