His current outfit.

"Bow is ultimate sepai and bae

Notice !me senpai" - TheLegoGamerDude1

Online Edit

BowtiesAreCool001 is an Egyptian RPer who occasionally goes by the alias Dafi Tabbar and now BeoWulf. His history online is unknown as of now, so this Bio will be rather short.

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“Create Your Own Superhero” Costume Contest submission. He hates this.

Bowtie's involvement in RP has been rather limited, his activity peaking in summer, then declining rapidly come summer's end. Despite his inactivity, Bow is still considered a part of the Triad. Most likely the most mature of the three. Lately, his forum posts have been generally OOC ones, complaining about what the subforum has detoriorated to, etc etc.

He is often portrayed as a sarcastic, moderately mature person. His writing skills are average, considering English isn't his native language.

He hangs out often on Discord, and Fallen London.

In Real Life Edit

Very little is known about Bowtie or Beo's whereabouts, but it's known for a fact that he lives in the Egypt.


Here are some roleplays he's joined and made:

  • Death of Ramses. A RP set in Egypt, which was a collab between him and TimPookie. It didn't make it to 10 pages.
  • "They're real... They're real..." A dream RP, where the actual RPers were sucked into some kind of alternate dimension where their characters were real. The main objective was to defeat their evil characters, or defeat a main bad guy. It didn't last very long, unfortunately, but it was interesting non-the-less.
  • Downfall: The Plague [POST-APOC RP]. A collaboration between user Minun1200 and himself. It lasted a stunning 25 pages.
  • Land of Otira. An RP done by the user TheLegoGamerDude1. Bow was the driving force of the second half of that RP, when he would RP with another user, SagePakkana, while Lego was asleep.
  • Land of Etria. A rather small role was played in this one.
  • Sky Cities. Possibly the RP containing his most important character, to the plot at least, Bow was a driving force of this RP as well.
  •  ??? Name forgotten, it was based in some kind of Nightmare Realm.
  • An astounding amount of ISRPs, including but not limited to: Demonology, EMPIRE, somethingaboutvampires, somethingaboutdesertedislands
  • Add to the list.

Obligatory Trivia Edit

  • Bow has never used his real name. He uses his fake name, Dafi Tabbar, instead.
  • Bow is a member of the Triad.
  • Bow has been a member of ROBLOX for four years as of July 2017.
  • He often lurks the forum, responding to certain troll posts and threads in general. The best way to attract him is to mention him directly in a thread.
  • He is one of the few Forum RPers who don't hate Place RPing.
  • He's been a Roleplayer for about seven years.