These are the policies that will hopefully be enforced here.

  • Write your pages in the third person. Yes, It IS strange, but it is for the sake of ridding a page of bias.
  • Do not add any sort of your personal bias towards something, this ruins this database as a debate center.
  • No swearing: We want our pages to look nice, right? Please refrain from posting personal bias swears on a page, except when it's a necessary quote.
  • No adding Bias, please. This IS a database, and flat out saying "I think this RP genre is the Best!" Or "So and so RPer is fat and nobody likes him/her." ruins any hope of attempting to make this wiki a database.
  • This IS a roblox RPERS wikI, so no user pages of another forum are allowed to be here unless they frequent both RP and another forum, and establish a presence. (Ie: Making Roleplays of value and popularity, and interaction with the community are examples. )
  • No cyberbullying. RobloxRpers Wiki has ZERO tolerance of cyberbullying. Posts or pages directly insulting a certain rper or user will be deleted, and the poster to be banned for a certain time.

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