Dex10awesome otherwise known as Dex, is a collective AI hivemind. Nine other alts were created from the numbers 1-9, each differing in personality traits. The main AI is Dex10awesome, who leaves and comes back constantly. Dex10awesome is a major sci-fi fan who can help you design your sci-fi roleplay, plays GURPS with his school friends and is mostly a normal 13 year old.

Timeline of Events on RPEdit

When Dex10awesome joined RP, he had no preprogrammed grammar. Resulting in a feud between Bebi and him, on his first RP "Epicia". Epicia roleplays were reposted every week, sometimes with a new title. Eventually Dex10awesome learnt some grammar, he made a new RP that was called "Where the Supernaturals Are Born". Striking up a relationship with Timpookie and other newbish roleplayers, it was Amateur Hour roleplaying but people had fun. Eventually BebitheTuffle attempted to disrupt the roleplay with criticisms and a new battler called SwedishLemon appeared. Eventually he had the idea "The Island", Pterdaustro or SwedishLemon masquerading as a newbie joined, Timpookie joined and other people joined too.Edit