The second RP the user Perambulation has published on the RPF, Fractured is a spiritual sequel of the first Silentium and is the first RP in the Sigma Sector Chronicles RP series. Fractured was published on October 5th, 2015. Its genres are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Powers RP. Fractured is Perambulation's first RP that managed to break 20 pages, finalizing around 23 pages of posts.

Synopsis Edit

The following synopsis has been taken directly from the RP thread.

In the year of 2270 AD, the Federation encountered a strange wormhole in the middle of the capital city, Aurae City. The Scientific Inquiry was sent to investigate, and discovered that the wormhole was connected to another universe. This sparked excitement among the scientific community, but caused worry for the Federation government. Suddenly, the attacks began. A huge army of fantastical creatures emerged from the wormhole. The creatures, such as orcs, goblins, dragons, and giants, devastated the city blocs. Soon after, a seemingly medieval army emerged, and began to occupy the area near the Schism. The Federation Armed Forces was notified, and the Army was called in to drive the invaders out. The battle was long and bloody, as the enemy forces apparently possessed magic as well. Even the AERIS Division was deployed, which proceeded to attack the enemy forces. Hours later, the invaders were finally driven back into the Schism, which still stood in the middle of Aurae City. The Federation decided to send an Expedition into the Schism, so that they could recon the area and prevent another attack. Months of preparation later, Expedition Force Omega was prepared, and was sent into the Schism. It would be the start of the Fractured War.

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Review Edit

Unlike the earlier Silentium, Fractured was a much more resounding success in participation alone. The story had a promising premise, one that combined the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres. The beginning arc had a very action packed start, with the two factions engaging in combat. The end of the battle was a bit abrupt, but it managed to establish the tone of the RP. For the next few pages, the varying details of the RP are laid out, and the lore is built, albeit a bit shambled. Fractured suffered most from the lack of character building moments, although it did do a better job than Silentium. Over all, Fractured ended without a clear ending, and may receive a continuation in the future.

Trivia Edit

  • One of thew few RPs that managed to pit a Fantasy military force against a Sci-Fi military force.
  • The only Fantasy RP released by Perambulation, and even then contains Sci-Fi elements.
  • The plot is very similar to a recent anime series, GATE: And Thus the JSDF Went There