General Edit

Helix Core refers to two things, either the account which showed up on January 21st, or the attempt to catalog information about roleplayers.

HelixCore (Account) Edit

On January 21st, 2015, a mysterious account showed up on the forums, posting the city where Wifi lived and two other addresses. Most people believed it was soard messing with them, until Wifi confirmed that that was the correct city. Helix continued to post other addresses throughout the day and the next, with a few roleplayers reacting with bewilderment as to how this stranger found their information.

Identity Edit

He or she adamantly denied claims that she was Soardlo, responding with "What would give you that idea?" and "I'm wearing the girl package, for crying out loud."

In a recent post, HelixCore's identity was confirmed as styrofoamdrone/Craxian.

HelixCore (PiratePad) Edit

The original HelixCore, however, was something different. It was originally a collaboration between two anonymous individuals, going under aliases "Khaos" and "Redeye", attempting to collect personal information on RPers. In a recent post, the identities of Khaos and Redeye were revealed as SwedishLemon(Khaos) and Vamking12(Redeye).

They were revealed to the public when they tried to recruit Timpookie into their membership and he decided to tell everyone.

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