iStarLiting as of 1/20/15

iStarLiting is an experienced role-player who came to the Role-Playing forums around Spring 2013. She has made some good role-plays, and some bad ones. She can troll sometimes, and is liked [not loved] by the community of RPF.

Real Life Facts Edit

iStarLiting's name is Amy [doesn't like saying last name] and she's 13 years old.

Role-Play Facts Edit

She role-played and became an experienced role-player pretty fast without any help. She also quit the RPF for 4-5 months before coming back at the end of November 2014.

iStarLiting's Roleplay Times Edit

iStarLiting: The Inexperienced One (Spring 2013 - Winter 2013) Edit

She wasn't that good of a plot maker, and really stunk at role-plays. She often stunk at comebacks, so, she just got pushed around and criticized and stuff. She made a long role-play called Infinitus Academy, which got to 10 pages before dying. It took her 2-3 days to finish it. She also created Zombieland, which only got to three pages before dying.

iStarLiting: The Experienced One (Winter 2014 - Winter 2015) Edit

She became better in role-plays, and created Car Manufacturer, which is currently at 8 pages. She came back around November-December 2014, and has created some nice role-plays ever since.

Successful Roleplays [ones that gone beyond 3-4 pages] Edit

•Infinitus Academy

•Car Manufacturer

•Quarantine: The Space Station

Unsuccessful Roleplays Edit


•Powers is the Key

•Wymering Manor

Successful Collabs Edit

•Some Fantasy Role-Play I forgot the name of, had 2-3 other collabers

Unsuccessful Collabs Edit

•The Volcano Times

•Powers is the Key

Supercollabs Edit


Planning Role-plays Edit


Personality Edit

•Can troll, kind of funny, nice

•Intelligent irl, can act stupid

Friends Edit

List your name here.

Enemies Edit

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Alts Edit

First Wave [and only wave] Edit

  • FattyTheFish
  • TimerAxerAmyisNICE2

Undercover ALTS Edit

  • iStarLite

Trivia Edit

•She has made over 20 OOC threads, but only made 10 role-plays or so.

•Her biggest fan is a rock.

•Her favorite TV show is Gravity Falls.

•Now that her city was leaked, she lives in a small town of 6.7k people.

•She used to live in Bergen, NJ, but moved.

•She is a big fan of technology.

•She plans on going to Pepperdine University in Malibu, or Rochester Institute of Technology.

•She also likes art and maybe some music.

•She's currently 13, as stated above, birthday on June 18th.

•She has a younger brother, who is 12. Also, likes to mess around with my ALT, like he did just 10 minutes ago.