"Doctor Chang:If you’ve had a recent loss, this might be… This will be disturbing.

The Doctor: She’ll be fine.
Clara: Speak for me again, I’ll detach something from you. I’ll be fine."

I'll get back to this when I have time. For now I'll give you the basics, once upon a time in 2013 Katt was invited by a friend to join roblox for "fun games!". But by September she'd found the Role playing forums and persisted in making RPs though most weren't successful and others worked but for the wrong reasons. Taking a two month break she came back and joined other RPs, slowly becoming better throughout the year. The three main RPs that she took part in in the first half of the year and where she found her first RP friends were longer then any she was active in for the rest of the year. Now time is spent trading ideas and talking about Fall Out Boy( Not really but I'll say what I'm actually doing when I can be stuffed)