"Need something?" - mickeyNas, usually what he says when someone confronts him.

mickeyNas is a person who semi-usually roleplays. He has made many friends and ended up making memories from roleplaying, good and bad ones in his view.

He has made some enemies in particular though in 2-Gear Studios after some accusations went out of him "ERPing, stealing". He has made a stream to help explain his point of view for those are open to both sides:

Roleplay History Edit

2008-2012 Edit

Roleplaying hadn't been a major thing at this time for mickeyNas. He only played the usual games that came around as time went on although he eventually tried out roleplaying.

2013-2015 Edit

Roleplaying had started to become a thing that mickeyNas was used to and with more knowledge comes more skill for roleplay. Despite this skill- he still was a bit of a novice but could be considered experienced at this point in time despite not adopting some at this point commonly used roleplay methods.

He had also participated in a few roleplay groups here and there, but never really did that much in them.

2016-2018 Edit

Roleplays at this point are something mickeyNas understands the ins and outs of, very much so towards later 2017 and forward in time. More methods are adopted that typical 'good roleplayers' use.

Notable Roleplay Locations Edit

Kingdom Life II Edit

mickeyNas had played this when Boopbot had still owned the game it's self; meaning he has seen many versions of this game as updates passed and the eventual turnover of the game to the current one; thelolguy301. mickeyNas can be seen roleplaying usually as Ka'rn We-ln.

Star Wars: First Order Edit

mickeyNas had been through many of Jaller's roleplay games, and Star Wars is no exception to this. He has seen many editions come and go. Many memories were found in these games despite the fact they eventually were all overtime shut down. The First Order is where he may go to for roleplaying Star Wars. He can commonly be seen roleplaying as Vason Taloker.

World Of Vigilantes - Murs De Fer Edit

mickeyNas found this one day by searching through the games list of ROBLOX, hilariously enough encountering it on the same day that same group was running advertisements. He joined WOV and created his empowered character: Borin Eres. He continues to roleplay on it.

Trivia Edit

  • mickeyNas has had TBC, and OBC.
  • Whenever mickeyNas develops a place; despite how good it looks he eventually stops despite the potential.
  • He only decided to update this wikia page since the people over on Two-Gear Studios and some other people have bugged him enough about the page.
  • mickeyNas makes outfits sometimes.
  • mickeyNas has an interest in voice-acting. A big one.
  • He gets easily annoyed if you decide to failrp; for obvious reasons.