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If you see this incomplete, that is because I am taking a break from adding sections. Apologies for that.

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Some quick history.. Edit

Before you know about my roleplaying ideas (I am actually mickeyNas typing this out!) I will explain my history here:

Old times.. Edit

mickeyNas joined ROBLOX in 2008 in the first of September. Of course this is not one of the special times for him.

But then we strike into 2009, this is where he encountered a game that has minigames not like the others, at the time of typing this, he does not know the title of it anymore.

So then we fast-foward to 2010. Basically he actually takes a break from ROBLOX.

So 2011, mickeyNas comes back and he does notice a few new things.. And jaredvaldez.. *Sigh* All that can be that mentioned here is that.. he was a noob still and made sure to click on everyones name to add them.

2012.. Not much happening here. Still adding friends without understanding. TBC was lost here I think.

2013? Oh this is the interesting part! mickeyNas actually stopped adding randomly and eventually in the summer began to use the proper grammar that he was taught. He also began posting in ATR! (and a few other forum sites.)

2014.. Stuff gets real. mickeyNas actually begins to go to Game Design to help people get thumbnails for their games (He makes the thumbnails with garrysmod btw.) and in the process he actually makes payment OPTIONAL! Cool is it? But yea, he uses the forums more here.

2015. The year of this being posted.. Well, mickeyNas is actually participating in the roleplay forums. He is in a few roleplays which will be listed below, of course the history will be updated eventually as time goes on and on.

The roleplays! Edit

The following roleplays he is in: Edit

Broken Ship

X-Com: Renegade


Ded roleplays: Edit


Gone dark..

School of Languard

Trivia Edit

mickeyNas actually used to have TBC, however that expired. He did buy a cap though which eventually led to him finding a suit combination.

Of course, mickeyNas likes to roleplay. Mostly in games.

Fun fact: mickeyNas keeps trying to make games himself, but keeps losing interest in the games he wanted to make. Weird right?

Final fun fact for now: He actually noticed that 2.0 + suit + cap = Epic combination!

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