Pawzkat, as of January 2015.

Known mostly as either Pawz, or by the confusing mantle of 'Kat' is a artistic forumer on the Roblox Roleplay Forums. I'll be honest here - Pawz doesn't give a damn whether you call her a she, him, or they. I'm referring to myself as a 'she' so it's not awkward to others, but really.. I don't care.


Allegedly first joining Roblox in 2011 under the name of Creekfeather, she soon established her main account, Pawzkat in the March of 2012. To this day, it is the account she is found most actively on. She stumbled upon the roleplaying forum itself in August 2013, due to outside issues. Since then, she has been a relatively active member and has contributed to the forum. She is an amateur artist and used to create frequent 'who want's to be drawn?' threads, and wrote the Wattpad fanfiction, Rise. However, due to her being unmotivated, the project was dropped in January of '14, and has since been uncompleted. As of the 2015 school year, her activity drops on and off, and she doesn't really roleplay anymore, other than shitpost, draw and lurk like many of the older Robloxians. In October 2015, she started the 'Six Days of Slaughter' fanfiction, to celebrate the holiday season.

Appearance Edit

Pawzkat's stereotypical avatar is recounted as a bloxy individual with varying shades of blond hair, whether long or short. While it is subject to change based on the seasons, the persona commonly is suited with nerdy glasses, and fandom-related t-shirts, such as Doctor Who, or Attack on Titan in the Summer, while taking a more tomboyish approach in the cooler months. As it is an avatar however, it is subject to change at any time, as Pawz has no 'standard, or memorable' outfit.

Roleplays Created Edit

  • Stasis - in a collaboration with SwedishLemon and partially Soardlo, Pawzkat and Swedish created a gone-mist-stephen king-esque roleplay, set in a older town with smog-like monsters and characters who gained unnatural abilities.
  • Stimulated - a fan-made roleplay based off of the book series Gone, by Michael Grant, Stim was a continuos, fast-paced roleplay that followed the canon plot. Without any of the canon characters.
  • Peculiar - Another book-based roleplay, Peculiar was based off of Mrs Peregrine's Home for The Gifted. It died off quickly, receiving little attention.
  • Ressurect - Pawz's second or so roleplay, Resurrect was set in a modern-day city of Virginia, in which individuals were beginning to showcase god-like traits, in truth, they were the resurrected images of the olden day gods [ greek, egyptian, norse ]. The only problem? They had no clue who they were.
  • Monsters - The first roleplay that she's willing to admit she created, Monsters was a horror-style asylum roleplay, where the characters were instutionlized because of an unusual gift they had, which could be categorized as a mental disorder.
  • [forgotten] - A collaboration between Soardlo and Pawzkat, this roleplay was tribute to one previously created by Crabbymars. They added onto it's plot - remaking it, as well as describing more details.

Trivia Edit

  • As of May, 2015 Pawz is sixteen.
  • Pawzkat is actually the fourth account ever created by Pawz herself. She forgot her password to her original, Creekfeather. In 2012, when she took a hand at making an account again she went through Pawzcat and Pawzcat17 before finally not forgetting her password.
  • Pawzkat comes, uncleverly enough, from the large, fluffy tomkitty she owns: Pawz.
  • Pawz uses the same gamertag for everything, [deviantart, wattpad] with a few exceptions. Minecraft, for one, in which she is Swizz_Beats, Howrse, where she uses her real name in her tag, and, in which she is Pawzkitty. (Damn, doesn't exist anymore.)
  • Pawz is bisexual.