"I'm not anti business, I'm anti idiot." -Dilbert (or as how rock perceives himself) Edit

Rockmax2112alt, also known as Rocky, Rock, or Rockmax, is a forumer on the Role play forums.


Rock's last known outfit worn, circa 1/20/15.

Biography Edit

Rockmax2112alt is the alt of rockmax2112. He joined in 2012. During this time, he served in several groups, one of them being F.E.A.R Airforce. During this time, he posted a thread that he called later on "Utter Crap".

Appearance in the RPF Edit

Sometime in the summer of 2014, he marked his first appearance by joining a thread by Username90, titled "END OF THE LINE". He later was kicked and protested, though it ended up being destroyed. He apologized later on.

The next thread he joined was titled "Containment", headed by TaiWolf1234. The role play was fine in the beginning, but later on he tried to make an arms dealer character, but the OP said no. Another user also got into a massive fight  with him, and the role play later became a massive mess.

Albeit later on, He regurally joined roleplays and was involved in a massive success; A roleplay called "Beasts". During this time, he also interacted with some others.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION (December-August)Edit


-Fading Hope (Jan. 2015) Success that launched his career, 3 reposts were made

Trivia Edit

  • Rock is of multiple nationalities.
  • Rock is religious.
  • His favorite music genres are Classical Rock, Neo Classical, occasionally Classical, Blues, and Jazz
  • Rock is probably one of the few rpers to give almost no personal information whatsoever. Nothing is known about his age, appearance in real life, or even grade. The only thing known about him is that he lives somewhere around Chicago.