SilverHawk352 joined ROBLOX back in 2013 in early December. He started off by being a standard player, playing mostly horror games like Slender's Revenge and The Combine. His first roleplay was on Tornado Survival when he acted like he owned a hotdog booth.

A month later he stumbled across ATF and fell in love, playing it for at least 6 hours each day. He stopped playing ROBLOX towards the end of December when his parents banned him from it, saying it was making him too anti-social. (I was quite dissed off)

One month later he logged back in after a heated argument went off between his parents, which would later on result in a very harsh divorce... He wandered through the tabs bar and clicked on FORUMS- a relm he never ventured to or been on before. None of the forums interested him but one did, role playing.

He soon joined his first RP called Corruption, a superpower themed RP and became buddies with simsf1. Now we fast forward to the present. He has just made it to 1000 posts, all of which are RP posts. He is semi well known nowadays. Not much is known about his personal


simsf1- Best friends

kseeking- Buddy

artyum- Buddy

MGH short for MyGamingHobby- Fwend

North- Another buddy

Pawz- Friend that will help you out if you need it.