2014 Soard in a nutshell

Soardlo is [or was] a roleplayer whom was originally respected upon by many of the roleplayers on the forum. However, soon after he quickly became more of a nuisance than a help and was quickly one of the most hated people on the forums[at least trolls like Mario are funny].

Now, whenever a newbie eventually pops up every now and then, it is assumed by all of the veterans that the newbie is a Soard alt. Especially speaking, if the "alt" questions about who Soard is/was and the whole "conspiracy theory" he has going on about him.

Personality Edit

Pretty much your cliché dickhole. Ass to everyone, believes he is always right, thinks he is superior to everyone and anything, no regards for other people's safety as he has be known to post IP's and exact coordinates of those who anger him. He loves bullying new players to the forum and making them feel insecure. He hates anyone who tries to invent a roleplay and blabbers on their roleplay about how stupid it is. He is so mean, he'd kill a penguin baby.

Friends Edit

Former Friends Edit

  • SwedishLemon

Trivia Edit

  • Told everyone the location of both Timpookie and Birm123, possibly others.
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