You did this now?... Wow... 22:44, January 20, 2015 (UTC)sassygirl770

Helix CoreEdit

Who is this guy?


Probably soard. He says he isn't, although he called us "silly rpers", which means he probably isn't affiliated with us. -rock

nah, i don't think it's soard,

he/she is wearing the girl package right now, also.

he says he's left and he's had his fun ~styro

he/she is online again

(s)he posted 2 new cities ~ styro

guys, i found out how he got the IPs

if you don't register, anyone can see your ip adress

register for some extra security ~friendly neighborhood police officer


We now have enough pages to have a "Read More" section at the bottom.

Also, we're en route to take over the off topic forum sometime this decade or something.

AKA: The ultimate goal.


Should we put pages about lengthy and significant stories, such as Tim's Escape or Tailsdayfox's Roll Initiative, or perhaps that meteor one by Purr?

Birmingham says we should.

Well, if it adds to the database that we can enjoy for future use, sure. -rock

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