An extensive RP series created by the user Perambulation, the Sigma Sector Chronicles tells the history of the Sigma Sector, a former Old Earth colony that became independent. Various wars have shook the Sigma Sector over time, and a devastating event, known as the Crepitus Event, continues to influence the society of the Sigma Sector, even after 47 years.

Background Edit

The Sigma Sector Chronicles was created as a result of the user, Perambulation's plans. His first RP, Silentium, formed the basis for the entire series, providing the necessary lore and ideas to be developed. Silentium in its current form is a prototype RP, and thus a non-canon addition to the Sigma Sector Chronicles.

Common Themes Edit

One of the common themes of the Sigma Sector Chronicles RPs is the blend of the mechanical and supernatural. Power-users often utilize exo-skeleton armor that provides a significant boost to their unique powers and an enhanced protection from the enemy.

The Crepitus Event, an apocalypse level event that wiped out 1/3rd of the Sigma Sector's population, continues to influence politics and society even after 47 years.

The latter half of the Sigma Sector Chronicles follows a group of people known as the Silentians. Their origins are unknown, but it is theorized that the Crepitus Event had somehow mutated the surviving population, thus creating the Silentians. Silentians all share a special gene, known as the Silent Gene, that creates a special element known as Silentium. Silentium gives special powers to Silentians, and gives them a significant boost in reflexes, strength, and stamina compared to normal humans. Silentians often first encounter their powers through uncontrolled outbursts. If a Silentian fails in controlling their powers, they are consumed by the excessive amount of Silentium that is produced. As a result, the general population continues to be scared of Silentians, and often discriminate against any known Silentians.

RPs Edit

The following RPs are set in the Sigma Sector Chronicles, with each successive RP continuing the story from before.

Fractured (ℱґαḉтυґεḓ)

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  • Views: 2022

Oracle:REV (Ѻґα¢ℓ℮:REV)

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Aether (Ѧ℮тℌεґ) (Ongoing)

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Silentium (ϟḯłℯηтḯυм)

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