The Triad is a group of three RPs, EagerCharch, BowtiesAreCool001, and TheLegoGamerDude1, who are "friends". 

They often join each other RPs, and insult each other for no reason.

It has been some time since the Triad has been fully united, and all of its members are sad af about that.

Running JokesEdit

The Triad has a host of running jokes between them, such as:

Chuck Norris: A joke generally between Lego and Eager, in which an argument is started along the lines of *Slaps*. A host of stupidity erupts, in which they attempt to outdo and kill each other with increasingly outlandish shit. Eventually, Chuck Norris is brought up as a trump card, and all attempts are blocked by Chuck Norris.

The Kool-aid man: The Kool-aid man is another running joke between Lego and Eager, as well as Bow. He is brought up in conversations here and there, and ultimately results in a joke comparing him to the "Shrek is love" meme. Hiding in bedrooms, following us everywhere, and flying out windows. All things Kool-aid man normally does-- in deleted ads.

Marmite the Cat: Marmite the Cat is a joke created when Eager brought up his cat to Lego. Lego loves cats, and demanded Eager ship his cat in a box with no holes from England to America. This joke persisted, with Lego doing most of it, and bow chipping in with it as well. The joke eventually resulted in a touching story in a thread, that I can't find.

Luv me bow: Luv me bow, is a joke between Lego and Bow, in which Lego says "Luv me Bow!" in threads that he's in as a joke, and Bow replies with an insult.

Hatty Hattington: Hatty is a running joke between Lego and Eager, where Eager claims to be Hatty. Hatty Hattington usually ties into the Chuck Norris joke, but stands on it's own as well

On a side note, they're a bunch of asses.