Name Edit

Tortemarra is my alias. Also known as: Turtle, and Troll.

History Edit

2014 (Late Summer) Edit

Tortemarra was a new role-player, fairly 'good' at roleplaying (Or not using one-liners). His favorite RP back then was Eager Arche's zombie RP.

2014 (School Begins) Edit

Roleplaying gets pretty bad (For me). Not much happens here m8s. Except for flamewars, that's pretty much it. Oh, and he also makes a few 'good' rps where he gets to a few pages.

2014 (Close to new years) Edit

Gains a-lot of haters and is now known as a troll. Then posts a thread called 'I'M SOARD' as bait for SwedishLemon. (I regret doing that.). And so, I gain more haters.

2015 Edit

Nothing much... Joining a roleplay here and there.

Appearance Edit

A Narwhal head, in a Purple/Blue suit. THERE'S ALSO A SECRET ON THE SUIT :OOOO

Roleplays In Random Order Edit

Evolution: A new world. A RP based off spore, except almost everything you do makes you evolve. The environment could change too. I'm thinking of Rebooting it.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Skie. A fan RP. Only 2 people joined. Based off the spinoff series, Persona.

Ragnarok: Beginning of the End. A RP where people would join the military to fight giants coming from a giant door. Also thinking of Rebooting it.

Danganronpa: Falling Hope. Another fan RP. I didn't have enough joiners, and I had a lot good executions in my mind :(.

Personality Edit


Random Trivia! Edit

Did you know? Torte is 11.

Did you know? Tortemarra comes from the mix of Torterra and Gamera.

Did you know? Tortemarra MIGHT AS WELL BE THE MOST MLG

Contribution! Sort of... Edit

I/He made some good rp's, fun while it lasted. I/He participated in multiple collabs, most never seeing the light of day.


The trolling of ToS (Town of Salem) Edit

Late 2014, he was playing a game of ToS with PurringThunder, Birm, SwedishLemon, and Pawz (I think). Being the idiot I was, I changed my name to PurringThunder, and started saying that 'I' Sucked at drawing' and made up insults during the match. (It was funny, for me, but not worth it.). Anyways, during that, SwedishLemon openly said that he suspected that I was Soard. So even after making fun of Purring, I made a bait post saying that I 'was' Soard. (I'm not.)

TotG (Tears of the Gods) and the BS of Soard. Edit

Another forum, not on roblox. Although, this has to do with Soard, so I'm putting it in. Soard was the last owner of this forum called TotG, which was based off a RP about gods and their battle over the power of Myth. Suffice to say, Soard was a dick during the end of the first Era (Similar to that of a chapter), and bullshitted everyone. So, a new forum was created.