Udoxas is a sort of inactive RP forumer. Even though he visits the forum a lot, he doesn't post very much. He's also not very well known due to the lack of posts just explained. He also originally had the idea for a RP wiki but got flamed for it.

Summary of RPing

2011 - 2012

Udoxas walked into the RP forum, known as legomario365 at the time. He was an ODer. He posted a roleplay called "adventures of lego island" or something. All I remember is it was about an island called "lego island" which had no relation to legos.

He bumped it every 30 seconds. Seriously, I swear that's about 0.5% of his post count from those bumps.

Then on his alternate account, legomario366 he posted a roleplay about a whole city that froze cause some legend left his refridgerator open. And there was still a resturant that had hot n' ready pizza. It got some attention though, but after he left the RP forum.


Udoxas came back into the RP forum on August, then known as SonicAndTailsSTH. He made friends with Timpookie and really didn't do anything else expect post OOC threads and just talk and cringe at terrible roleplays.


Udoxas was going back and fourth between the forums after leaving.. again. Finally known as Udoxas, his FINAL namechange. He came back during the World War 3, Timpookie VS Soraldo (or however you spell his name) after he turned everyone against Tim. Thus without knowing anything that happened Tim had on person on his side. He particapated in a lot of collabs but didn't really post any roleplays, the one collab he did that was posted was made with NinjaMarineFromWikia, Conquest Of The Creatures, but he didn't even post it, instead NinjaMarineFromWikia did. You can see it here.


After taking a large break from RP (again) he came back... ready to improve his skills and the smell of his armpits.


Uh, I dunno.


  • adventures of lego island
  • Frozen city roleplay that I can't remember the name of
  • Conquest Of The Creatures
  • Triumph Of the Creatures (remake of Conquest)
  • Audience (more like a multiplayer ISRP... IMRP?)
  • A few more

Friends And Enemies


(I'm only including my friends that I see on the forum every now and then)

  • Timpookie


  • None


  • Possibly left the RP forums the most amount of times (like 15 times)