My lousy brother
zombiemil is an amateur roleplayer that mainly roleplays ingame, and is the brother of Udoxas.

Foruming HistoryEdit

2013 - 2014Edit

There's not much to say, but he decided to come to the forums and post TERRIBLE roleplays.

He wasn't very well respected. Yeah.


He hasn't done much in RP in 2015, he's only bumped a thread of his once and post a few replys. He doesn't come back to RP for a while, but he might.




I'm listing the ones I can remember. He has WAY more then this.

  • World at War (Realistic Text Based War Simulator)
  • Infection (Cliche zombie roleplay)

Friends and EnemiesEdit


None, expect me... I'm sad.


None again


  • He can't take criticisim very well.
  • His grammar is poor.
  • He knows that there are 0 people on the wiki. Right now.

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